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It is time to Think Agile

Over the past few years, our team has worked with many clients. Some of them are individuals who want to acquire skills and receive international accreditation. Some are small start-ups who want to push their products to market fast. We have worked with banks, telecoms and insurance companies. We are not afraid to get involved with government and public entities either.

Our team has learnt that despite the size of our clients, they all have the incredible potential to be better – more efficient, faster, happier, organised, collaborative and more. Our clients always have what it takes to become Agile. But they need someone to help them unlock their possibilities. Think Agile helps them believe that they can do it.

* Can I become a Scrum Master without an IT background? – Yes, you can!
* Can I release products to production every week? – Absolutely!
* Can I implement Agile in marketing, accounting, infrastructure? – Yes, we have done it before!

We inspire our clients to self-improve, serving them to unlock possibilities for individuals, organisations, communities, and industries.

Agile Training

Now available 7 courses

Agile coaching and consulting

Are you unsure where to start?

We will perform a quick assessment on the ground. Our Agile coach will orient herself with interviews, observations, and surveys. At the end of the assessment, we will provide a set of recommendations on how to proceed with your Agile implementation.

Time required: 20 hours over one week

Outcome: List of recommendations

Investment: Low

Do you need an outside help to maintain the momentum of your Agile journey?

We will work with your Scrum Masters, product owners, project managers, and leaders to help overcome practical challenges. We will provide one-on-one and team coaching, help with advice, facilitate events and interactions, talk to management and executives.

Time required: 20-40 hours over three months

Outcome: Lots of practical advice

Investment: Low

Do you want to pilot Agile with one of your projects or teams?

We will start your Agile implementation with pilot teams. Perhaps, you have one, two, or three candidates we can train and couch on one of Agile delivery methods. We will pair each team with an experienced coach for a few months. We will help with the facilitation and leave the teams able to run Agile by themselves.

Time required: 80 hours per team over three months

Outcome: Agile teams/projects in your company

Investment: Moderate

Do you have many teams at different stages of Agile adoption who need help?

We will dedicate one of our consultants to work with you on any initiative of your choosing. You are in full control, and we are utterly focused on you and your company. We can coach teams, programs, executives and assist with new models, processes, techniques, and tool.

Time required: 3-, 6-, or 12-month full-time contract

Outcome: Higher level of Agility

Investment: High

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